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Paragliding during your summer Holiday | Ski Juwel Alpbachtal

Sail the skies like on eagle’s wings


Paragliding or hang-gliding in the Ski Juwel Alpbachtal Wildschönau is available in Summer and Winter. Experience the beautiful Ski Juwel from a birds eye view. An unforgettable experience – alone or in tandem with a qualified glider pilot.

In summer as well as in winter there is the opportunity to paraglide at Ski Juwel Alpbachtal Wildschönau.

Local flight training schools offer a variety  of classes and flight lessons and thereby provide a special holiday adventure.

Find details und more information directly at the provider.

Fly2 Tandemflights

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Niederau - Wildschönau

Wildschönau Flight School

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Niederau - Wildschönau

Gleitschirmfliegen Tirol Tandemflüge

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