1. Tirolean Wood Museum

Fascinating insight into Wildschönau's history and the wood carving art.

Holzmuseum Sommer | © Wildschönau Tourismus

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He is a wood carver, sculptor and above all a passionate collector - Hubert Salcher has turned his ancestral home into an award winning museum.

The 1st Tirolean Wood Museum encompasses a total of 1000m² of exhibition space spread over five floors. In 59 tiny wooden rooms where the air smells of resins and where the floorboards creak, 3000 exhibits are on display. From a wooden peg to a woodworm, the oldest harp in Tirol to one of the oldest christmas cribs, the history of wood carving can be traced back to the 17th century.
Curiosity: 364 windows and 30 different floors are Under the same roof is Hubert's own workshop where guests are welcome to look over his shoulder as he works. Hubert has also erected a theme path around Auffach with 13 stations highlighting wooden elements then and now.

Children under 1 metre in height free.

For more information about the Wood Museum, visit: holzmuseum.com

Opening hours
19/06/2024 - 16/10/2024
wednesday - friday
10:00 - 17:00
1. Tiroler Holzmuseum
Hubert Salcher
Dorf, Auffach 148
6313 Wildschönau