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10 rules on how to behave around grazing animals | Ski Juwel
Safety on alpine pastures

Right behaviour around grazing animals

To ensure you have a memorable experience, while keeping everyone’s best interests on mountain pastures and meadows in mind, we provide some useful information.

There are some 8,000 managed alpine pastures and meadows in Austria. They are an amazing combination of pristine countryside, much-loved holiday destinations and important economic spaces.

This is all down to our farmers who care for this beautiful countryside and preserve centuries-old traditions of driving their cattle up summer pastures. Austria’s mountain pastures and meadows shape the character of our cultural landscape, our regional foods and natural diversity.

10 rules on how to behave around grazing animals

  1. Avoid contact with grazing animals, do not feed them and keep a safe distance.
  2. Stay calm and quiet - do not startle grazing cattle.
  3. Mother cows instinctively protect their young. Therefore, keep dogs away from cows at all times.
  4. Always keep dogs under control and on a short leash. If you think you are going to be attacked by a grazing animal, let go of the leash immediately.
  5. When crossing alpine pastures, always stay on the path.
  6. If you find your route is blocked by grazing animals, walk around them leaving as much space as possible.
  7. If grazing animals approach you, stay calm, do not turn your back on them and move out of the way of the animals.
  8. Leave the pasture quickly as soon as you see early signs that the grazing animals are becoming nervous or restless.
  9. Do not climb over fences. If there is a gate, use it. Make sure you then close it properly behind you and cross the pasture quickly.
  10. Treat workers, nature and animals with respect.