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Find the balance between tension and relaxation
Opening hours:

Daily | 8:00 AM - 11:59 PM

Price: From € 2  to € 5

Sport Ossi
Wittberg 105
6233 Kramsach
Tel.: +43 5337 63300
Tel.: +43 664 2330321

Archery must be one of the historically oldest forms of sport. Bow and arrow where already used for hunting Back in the Stone Age. Nowadays more and more people are discovering the fascination of archery. The unforgettable feeling having drawn the bow and released the arrow to see it hit the mark with all its force.

Archery is more than a simple trend. Practiced properly archery is mediation paired with precision. The hits are not as important as the concentration directed towards the target and the letting go at the right moment.

All ages can experience this wonderful interaction between tension and relaxation. Due to the repetitive motion sequence the upper arm, back and torso muscles and the shoulders are strengthened. What an ideal compensation for a sedentary office job.

In addition you have lots of outdoor fun. Should the weather be bad you can always draw your bow in the archery hall thus forgetting the dreary elements outside. 

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